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Try many awesome Drupal 8/9 core modules, such as the powerful Layout Builder.
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Test Drive Drupal 8 Modules Right Now on this Drupal 8/9 Demo Site

This is the only free Drupal 8 live demo site available you can try right now, without having to install it yourself. Test drive the awesome new Drupal authoring environment, access walkthrough tutorials, add and edit pages, and try Drupal core modules, including:

  • Layout Builder module: change a page layout without hiring an agency
  • Multilingual modules: provide a translation using the built-in multilingual capability
  • Workflows module: moderate example content on this site
  • Media and Media Library modules: add, edit, and manage reusable media assets
  • Workspaces module: manage a group of new pages, and published them all at once.

Please view our About Drupal 8 page to review all the new features.

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